You Need Business Marketing Strategies That Work to Move to the Next Level

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If you are just sick and tired of working for someone else and you want to branch out on your own, it is important to understand that you will need to incorporate tested and proven business marketing strategies. If you do not have a business plan and a comprehensive strategy in order to guide you, it is pretty much like letting your business wander in the dark…it won’t get far!

A lot of new business owners in Australia have heard of the importance of incorporating strategic marketing in business, but a lot of these business owners are not even sure of how to apply it to their business. Finding the answers to certain questions about growing a small business from scratch can be very difficult because there are not a lot of extremely successful business owners who started from absolutely nothing! Most times, the answers you find on many websites on the internet are pretty vague.

If you want real solutions to your business problems and not poor business theories, it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of joining a business mastermind club for small business owners in order to get the right answers from successful business owners who have been there and done that. It can be very frustrating to own a business and not know which way to go or what to do in order to see your business survive past the 5 year life expectancy of small businesses.

Signing up to join a reputable business mastermind club for small businesses can help you to:

• Boost your lead generation via online and offline marketing
• Use and or build a website in order to draw target market to your business
• Employ good marketing strategies such as direct mail, postcards, coupons and tear sheets in order to draw targeted traffic and also boost conversion rates
• Use search engine optimization and pay per click marketing
• Master the art of e-mail marketing in order to convert sales
• Effectively increase your clients’ lifetime value
• Boost your bottom line via the development of conversion and sales funnel
• Incorporate social media into your company’s business marketing strategies
• Create a system for up-selling to customers or clients in order to boost the regular dollar sales

Joining a club where you get to learn from “masters of their craft” will help you get knowledge that is not based on someone’s guesses but tested and trusted business strategies from people who have gone through what you are going through as a small business owner. Yes, it is 100% possible to get more profit in less time, do not let anyone tell you any different!

Seven More Reasons Why You Need Business Coaching

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The ending of a calendar year is always a good time to reflect upon your business, what was accomplished, what was not accomplished, what went right, what went wrong, where can improvements be made, and so on. With business coaching, you would have a guide to lead you through those questions and more and then coach you in developing goals and an action plan to reach those goals in the year ahead. Business coaching brings great value to business and here are seven (7) more reasons why you need business coaching, from the perspective of a strategic thinking business coach.

Reason #1: You do not have a well written strategic plan and business plan.
Business coaching will guide you through a process to develop those plans.

Reason #2: You have not held yourself accountable to your strategic plan and business plan. Business coaching will ensure you are accountable and stick to the plan you decided. You also get the benefit of a sounding board for your ideas.

Reason #3: Accelerated speed of change in business. Challenges of keeping up with new technology, changing trends in your industry, changing rules and regulations and managing different generations in the workplace are difficult to manage. Business coaching provides a guide to address these changes in a proactive, instead of reactive way.
Reason #4: You have a real marketing challenge and have not developed a strategic integrated marketing communications plan to grow your business. Business coaching provides a guide to develop the needed plan.

Reason #5: You have a talented team, but a team that is under-performing. There is a lack of motivation among the staff. Business coaching assists in team building and motivating the team to achieve goals.

Reason #6: You have concerns with fluctuating and often low cash flow. Business coaching will assist you in finding ways to ensure a more reliable cash flow.

Reason #7: Profit margins are not where you need them and want them to be. Business coaching can show you how to make bigger profits and be competitive.

Glenn Ebersole, Jr. is a multi-faceted professional, who is recognized as a visionary, guide and facilitator in the fields of business coaching, marketing, public relations, management, strategic planning and engineering. Glenn is the Founder and Chief Executive of two Lancaster, PA based consulting practices: The Renaissance Group, a creative marketing, public relations, strategic planning and business development consulting firm and J. G. Ebersole Associates, an independent professional engineering, marketing, and management consulting firm. He is a Certified Facilitator and serves as a business coach and a strategic planning facilitator and consultant to a diverse list of clients. Glenn is also the author of a monthly newsletter, “Glenn’s Guiding Lines – Thoughts From Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach” and has published more than 250 articles on business.

Do You Need Business Experience to Start Knitting For Profit?

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This is a very common question about starting a knitting business. Many people think that starting a knitting business would be too hard, or that they would need business experience or training. You’re about to learn how successful knitters from around the world started out, and you might be surprised at their advice!

Starting your first knitting business may only ever stay as a fantasy or dream if you keep believing that you need experience to begin. There are many so many knitting business success stories from around the world of women who started out with absolutely no business experience. And of course when you think about it, every successful business person had to start somewhere. Most of them admit they just jumped in and learned things as they went along!

This can certainly be true for starting up a knitting business. If you wait until you have everything “just right” you may never actually get going – you may get what is called “paralysis by analysis”. And unlike many other businesses, a knitting business can be started as a small, on the side venture which requires very little money to run. This means you’ll have time to learn as you go, and any mistakes you make will be lessons learned and easy to move on from.

This is not to say that you should neglect certain important first steps, like testing your market to get an idea of what knitted products will or will not be good sellers. Initial steps like this can save you valuable time and help you to avoid making expensive mistakes in your knitting venture.

However, at some point you do just need to “jump in” and start! You will never know all there is to know when you first start you knitting business and you can’t plan for everything. Many women start their knitting idea while they have young children at home, or as a part-time venture while they are still working.

If you would like help from the start, there are lots of government and not-for-profit organisations that offer start-up support and advice. Try looking up your government’s small business department because they often have fantastic advice and support for those who are new to business.

Who Needs Business Liability Insurance

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If you are starting your own business, one of the most confusing aspects of setting it up is knowing what types of business insurance you should have. There are many types, all covering different aspects of your company and your customers. This article focuses on business liability insurance and its importance. Simply put, any small business needs to obtain this coverage. It is your company’s main source of protection against lawsuits and the damage that they can cause your company financially. One lawsuit lost is all it takes to destroy a business without sufficient liability coverage.

If you sell products or goods of any kind, you need business liability coverage to protect you from lawsuits from customers claiming injury or sickness due to the use of your product. A customer can sue your business even if some part of your product that you didn’t even create caused the injury. Good liability coverage will cover you in case you lose a judgment.

If your company sells services or advice, you need it as well. There is a specific type of business liability insurance called the errors and omissions coverage. This coverage will protect you from financial judgments issued to a client that sues your four negligence due to bad advice that leads to financial loss, or a service rendered that was not satisfactory or may have even caused permanent damage to something or somebody.

The level of protection that you need from this type of business coverage depends on how much you have to protect. What is your company worth? How much revenue does it generate every year? Make sure to solicit the advice of an insurance professional to guide you to the right amount of coverage.

Why Businesses Need Business Coaches Today, More Than Ever

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While some may think of business coaching as a passing fad, there is very little doubt about the perpetual existence of this phenomenon; broadly, you can be assured that business coaching is certainly here to stay! In this post, we examine reasons for which we think that businesses in general need business coaches and business coaching today, more than ever.

Uncertain economic times

This is probably the foremost reason for which businesses need executive coaching today; we are all living in a state of extreme economic uncertainty. Every single day, we do not know what financial turmoil may come and hit us, whether personally or in our businesses. In such a state, business coaches come extremely handy as they bring to the table, a wealth of experience in terms of the varied situations they have come across and advised individuals and businesses upon; with uncertainty looming large, business coaches can help bring about some degree of certainty to the entire scenario.

Dynamic nature of business

Businesses today are much more dynamic in nature, than they used to be. They need to work with a much larger and broader spectrum of stakeholders, than they did in the past. Customer preferences too have become of a much more streamlined nature than they used to be earlier, thanks to the varied choices that they have in front of them currently. Yet again, faced with such a state of affairs, it becomes pretty much mandatory that businesses seek the services of an expert business coach in order to help them manage the dynamic environment in which they operate, better.

Globalized work environment

Today businesses do not compete amongst neighborhoods; the scale of operations has increased manifold to the extent that anyone across the seven seas could be your competitor. Further, the profile of people at work places has also changed dramatically, to include individuals from various cultures, communities and countries. Again, this requires deft handling, for which a coach can come truly handy.

Thus, as you can clearly see, coaches are needed today, perhaps more than ever. If you are looking to understand the rapidly changing business environment we are all living in, better then do consider hiring an expert coach.

Does Your Company Need Business Consulting

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A lot of companies are simply in denial when it comes to business consulting services. Many choose to remain dubious on whether or not to avail the services of consultants in order to improve their quarterly forecasts. This attitude only worsens the company’s financial standings and by the time they come to realize their mistakes, the situation has already gone past the point of no return, hence the reason for this article.

This article will focus on whether or not a company should sign up for businesses consulting services by highlighting a few scenarios. If any of these ring a bell, then your company needs business consulting.

· Declining Financial Assets

This is essentially the red flag that should signal the need for a new strategy to be formulated. If a company’s revenues are declining every quarter then something is not being done right. This is a serious issue, one that requires business consulting services. Immediately bring a consultant into the management team. Provide him with all the information he needs to do his job in order to turn things around.

· No Improvement in Revenues

If your net profits come out to be zero then that’s a cause of concern. Either your expenses are too high or you not doing enough to push your products in the right markets. Something needs to be done and a business consultant is the just the right person for the job. He will analyze your current marketing strategies as well as your organization’s entire structural makeup and offer the most cost effective solutions based on it.

· Unimpressive Revenues from a Specific Product

It is not uncommon for companies to do a thorough analysis of their products and see how well they are doing in the market. When revenues don’t meet expectations, a good idea is to implement business consulting services on the managerial level to get to the root of the problem.

· Lack of productivity from Employees

Business consulting services covers ALL aspects of a company and that includes their employees. Many companies hire consultants in order to boost employee performance and work productivity. They look at their daily routine and find out the mistakes they are making. They also pinpoint areas where employees can improve. This makes them better at what they do and also for the company.

· Poor Communication

Communication is the key to a successful business. Oftentimes poor communication is the reason for low sales and revenues. Communication is absolutely essential for managerial staff as they have to clear and precise with what they expect from their teams. Consultants offer valuables insights into the art of public speech in order to get the most out of them.

The above mentioned signs just a few indications that something is amiss and business consulting services should be considered in order to get things back in order. The primary objective of such consulting is to make your company better and profitable because if you succeed, they succeed.

When You Need Business Plan Help, Where Can You Find It?

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Writing a plan for your business is often a challenging experience, and finding business plan help isn’t very easy either. There are many more employees than there are entrepreneurs in the market place, and very few people with the skill and experience to write entrepreneurial plans which produce results. It’s no wonder people looking to start or grow a business have a tough time finding help in this area.

Don’t fret though – help does exist – you just need to do a little digging to find it. Of course everything depends on your needs and budget, so with those in mind, let’s look at the choices you have…

Enroll in a Entrepreneurial Planning Course

Now some of you may be rolling your eyes at this suggestion because you’d rather have someone else write the plan for you. In my opinion though – and it is a strong opinion – no other option can compare with creating your own plan. Even if you do end up hiring someone else to help you write your plan, consider taking a course in company planning so that you understand and can follow what that person is doing. More importantly, you can challenge them.

Several community colleges offer such courses, and you can find some online as well. I would stick to the college programs though, as they are typically taught by people with real-life experience in planning a business. Plus, you get the benefit of studying the process with classmates, and by taking an accredited course, are “forced” to complete assignments which get reviewed by your instructor. I’m not saying that the online courses aren’t great – some of them are. But if you lack knowledge and experience in company planning, you’ll be much more motivated in a class environment.

Visit your Local SBA Office

If you’re in the USA, you have a great resource in Small Business Administration (SBA). This is a non-profit agency with the aim of providing assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs seeking to start new business. Aside from having useful guides and resources on writing an entrepreneurial plan on the SBA site (, you can also seek business plan help from a mentor or counselor through your local SBA office. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to find a mentor or counselor, and if you belong to a minority group or are a female entrepreneur, SBA has several programs specifically designed for minorities.

Beyond the help you’ll get for planning your business, know that SBA is also a great resource for learning about various government loan programs available to small businesses.

If you’re not in the USA (e.g., UK, Canada or Australia), there are similar government agencies and programs designed to encourage small business owners. A little bit of research into these will take you a long way to getting smart about planning your business.

Buy Books on How to Write an Entrepreneurs Plan

OK. This is easy to do, but not as easy as it sounds. Thing is, there are so many books available on the subject, but so many of them give “template” sounding advice. One book I will recommend buying and reading is Bankable Business Plans by Edward G. Rogoff. This is one book I can confidently endorse because the author is no-nonsense about the realities of planning for a company and the truth about getting a small business funded. I’m sure there are other fantastic books out there. If you trust me, I would suggest starting with this one. You’ll get smart real fast.

Hire a Consultant or Writer

If you are clear about your business goals, or at least you are sure you will take charge in establishing them, then hiring a consultant or writer is an option to consider. This option is really recommended if what you need is someone who has the talent to put your thoughts onto paper more elegantly than you could, or someone who can challenge your ideas to get you thinking outside the box.

Having said that, it is a more expensive option, and can be really expensive down the road, not merely because of the fees you pay this person. Many individuals would prefer to “buy” a company plan that someone has written for them. Truth is, no one can really understand your business as intimately as you do, unless they are a part of your organization and play a key role in

So consider this option only if you have the knowledge to create a plan for your company but actually need business plan help to get your plan organized and written persuasively. And only consider it if you can afford it.

A search on the web for writers or consultants specialized in entrepreneurial plan writing will find you some options. You can also find help on freelance sites like Make sure you do your research and selection carefully.

Small Business Funding

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If you read this headline and thought, “I don’t need business funding because…

* I work out of my house.
* I only work part-time.
* We just have a mom-and-pop operation.
* It’s just me and I don’t have any employees.

Incorporating takes money. I can open a DBA business with a checking account and a business license. I don’t need to spend the extra cash.

You thought one of the many reasons small business owners give to business consultants and financial advisors when they are asked why they have not established business credit. The plain fact is that almost every small business – one-man show, mom-and-pop, hobby that pays money – whatever you want to call it, can benefit by its business profile. This means it benefits you, the small business owner the most!

Establishing a business prfile is relatively easy and can afford you, and your small business, many benefits right now. Pre-established business lines can help your business (and you!) survive a rough patch or finance the growth of your company in ways you did not think possible before.

Three basic steps will get you on your way to establishing a working capital line:

1. Become a legal business entity. Incorporate your business as a standard corporation (C- or S-), or a limited-liability corporation (LLC), or other incorporation.

2. Make sure you have a business phone at your business address. Banks compare the information you give them with the national 411 directory. Calling 411 is an easy way to verify you are listed correctly.

3. Establish vendor credit. If you make a product, this is easy. Develop lines with at least your top five material suppliers. If you do not “make” anything, you can still develop a line of credit with your office supply store(s), cell phone company, and other business service providers. Cars can and should be purchased or leased by your business, if you can qualify at this point. Office equipment and other equipment can also be leased or purchased to build vendor credit.

Now you have the basics to start expanding your working capital line. Apply for a credit card using only your business’s credit information. This means using all business information for credit references, too.

After you have a couple of business cards, you can start looking for other small business funding options. Opening a business line with your current bank or other lender is a good next step. This will strengthen your credit and allow you to borrow even more money in the future. And remember if done correctly these business lines of credit will not show up on your personal credit reports. Building good business credit can put $30,000, $100,000, or more into your business. A few years from now, your current small business may not be so small at all.

Do Carwashes Need Business Coaches?

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Not long ago, I talked to a carwash owner who’d been in business a very short time. He insisted that he needed a mentor or a business coach to help him expand his business successfully. First, I’d like to say that most business coaches believe that every entrepreneur and business person needs a coach. I don’t believe that at all. I do believe that much of the need or want for a coach or mentor is in the mind of the individual who is insecure or has low self-esteem.

However, if you are in business for yourself, you can’t afford to lack self-confidence or strength of character, if you do it’s the kiss of death, and if that is you, well, you shouldn’t be in business for yourself anyway, you’d be better off just getting a regular job, taking home a paycheck, and not having to deal with the ins and outs of running a company. Apparently the individual had chosen me to be his mentor, still, I do have a set of rules of who I will consult with, and who I will not.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase; “pearls to swine.” Basically what that means is that you can’t give words of wisdom to someone who is unable to receive them, or do anything with the information that you’ve helped him upload. If someone doesn’t have the perseverance to carry on and use the information, then in reality you’re wasting your breath giving it to them. Even if the individual were to pay me to be his coach, I would decline.

You see, I can explain how to do something, and why, along with all the wisdom to go along with it. However, there’s no magic bullet, it still takes effort on the other person’s part. Further, you must be certain that the person you are helping is worthy and has a good sense of honesty and integrity. After all, Mr. Miyagi wouldn’t have taught the Karate Kid how to fight if that kid was just going to go out and start fights. Remember, Mr. Miyagi would only teach someone self-defense, to protect themselves. Do you see the difference?

Now then, do carwashes need business coaches? That depends on who you ask, but I would submit to you that if someone truly believes they need a business coach, they have psychological issues they need to get through before they are given the information and wisdom to grow and expand their business, in other words they have some growing up to do, they need to put more effort into the project, and they need a little more believe in themselves. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Marketing, Promoting and Advertising Your Business

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One thing that goes without saying in today’s business world, is that regardless of the nature of your home based business, a website is an absolute MUST. Whether you have a product or service to sell, whether local or global, your business will go nowhere fast if you don’t have an online presence. If you need internet marketing help, you’ve landed on the right article. I’ll give you some home based business marketing ideas that will help you promote your business successfully.

The first step is choosing a domain name and getting it registered. You can build your own website (if you have the time) and host it yourself or you can have everything done by another company (if you have the money). Either way, you have many options and tools at your disposal that can align with your business plan and budget. Also note that you can still start your own home based business even if you don’t have a product or service to sell. There are thousands of individuals and companies that have products you can sell for them while earning a commission, called affiliate marketing.

Of the many business marketing strategies known to man, internet marketing is, hands down, the best strategy to use for promoting a home based business as it is the cheapest method and has the potential for reaching millions of people all over the globe. Driving traffic to your site through online resources is like killing two birds with one stone. You can tackle print advertising by writing articles and publishing them to directories and ezines and by submitting ads to the many available (and most of them free) classified ad sites. Online media advertising encompasses writing press releases and distributing them to press release sites. One of the biggest and most popular online advertising trends today is via social media advertising through sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where you build relationships with your customers. Forums and communities are also great ways to build relationships which helps promote your home based business in the long run. Simply Google your market or industry with the word ‘forum’ or ‘community’ behind it and search for one or two that seem to be the best fit for you.

All of these methods of online advertising contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), which is to say improving your online visibility and escalating in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your goal is to claim the #1 spot in the organic search results (the results on the left, not the right side which are paid ads). This is where your traffic will come from. If you are 800 in the list of search results, no one is ever going to see your site because very few people have the time or patience to scroll through 800 search results. Research shows that people typically won’t even scroll past 4 or 5 search results, let alone 800.

Can you grasp the importance of internet marketing for any business? If you are new to the internet marketing phenomenon and don’t know exactly where to start, there are many great programs or systems online that walk you through every aspect of marketing your online business. A lot of these systems were created by online entrepreneurs who have spent thousands of their own dollars trying to figure it all out over the years and finally DID. Their sacrifices have made it easier for newbies to become successful at their own online home based business. If you are new to running your own home based business, I recommend you find a great system (do your research, read reviews, ask questions in forums) and start marketing your home business from there. Don’t waste the time and money that so many of us have in going it alone, without a proven system, as it will just set you back further and hinder your progress.